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We have created Mastery Logistics Systems to reduce waste across the entire freight logistics industry.

Our platform will bring centralized and automated appointment making and management. We will create a new automated tracking system based on very low-cost trackers attached to the freight and reported directly to shippers, and introduce wide spread block chain-based bills of lading to accompany shipments and eliminate paperwork processing and invoice settlement.

Mastery Logistics Systems will offer TMS for Brokers, Carriers, and Shippers to manage all modes and all geographies.

AppointmentMaster™ will integrate via standard API’s with BrokerMaster™, ShipperMaster™, and CarrierMaster™ as well as with other significant TMS, WMS, and OMS systems, while a stand-alone scheduling system will also be available for all parties. AppointmentMaster™ will allow shippers and brokers to tender batches of orders to brokers and carriers with a set of pre-set appointment times based on carrier preferences and AI. Carriers and brokers will be able to accept those appointments that work and ask for modifications on the few that need changing.

TrackMaster™ will finally deliver full transparency across the freight transportation industry while eliminating work, error, and the potential for inaccuracy from the process. Disposable smart labels will provide tracking information on the load itself, no longer relying on carrier or driver reporting or GPS tracking of drivers’ smart phones. TrackMaster™ will also interact with AppointmentMaster™ to minimize inefficiencies for loading docks and drivers. As soon as AppointmentMaster™ ascertains that a shipment will be late for an appointment, it will offer to reschedule the appointment while at the same time seeking to utilize the failed appointment slot for a shipment that has or could arrive early or for a dropped trailer if one is available. It will also provide reporting on service levels to all parties as well as driver dwell times at docks.

BillMaster™ over time, should eliminate the use of paper bills of lading and invoicing, creating a set of private blockchain based documents that are available for all involved parties to see and agree upon while protecting the financial arrangements of brokers.


Jeff Silver

Jeff joined American Backhaulers in 1984, fresh out of the University of Michigan with an undergrad degree in Economics. He helped grow the business by focusing on customer interactions and the sales force, training, and designing its ground-breaking technology.

When ABH was sold to CH Robinson, Jeff spent a year helping to integrate the businesses and working to adapt the ABH system to the needs of the global company, and then retired.

During his retirement, Jeff completed an MBA at Michigan as well as a Masters of Engineering in Logistics at MIT. In 2006, he and his wife Marianne, who created the methods of recruiting and training and focus on culture that have been copied by many in the industry, co-founded Coyote Logistics, which he led through its acquisition by UPS in 2015, after which he spent several years working with the broader UPS group on automation and advanced technology.

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