MoLo Choosing Champions

MoLo Choosing Champions

Committing to a SaaS product that is continually evolving and developing new features requires organizations to innovate and evolve alongside the product to maximize their return on investment. Continuous updates and feature enhancements ensure organizations stay competitive and adapt to the changing industry landscape. In 2019 MoLo became Mastery Logistics Systems (Mastery) first customer and has since trained over 1,000 end users in MasterMind® TMS. To enable their workforce, MoLo has instituted a comprehensive training program, spearheaded by designated Champions, and precisely tailored to specific user groups.

MoLo navigates growth and change with Mastery Logistics Systems

MoLo, an ArcBest truckload service, offers world-class services to solve complex shipping needs. Founded in 2017, MoLo has experienced remarkable growth, and was recently awarded 2023 Best Places to Work by Built In. MoLo and Mastery have seen an abundance of growth throughout their partnership, which would not have been possible without executive buy-in, clear communication amongst project teams, and a multi-faceted approach to training led by End User Champions.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, training was commonly delivered to employees in a classroom setting. During the pandemic, organizations were unable to train employees in person and companies were forced to adapt new methods to deliver training to their employees in a remote setting. At the same time, the pandemic created a spike in eCommerce which resulted in an influx of drivers and carriers entering the industry. As a result, MoLo experienced exponential growth to meet the market demand, while simultaneously training hundreds of new users remotely.  

“We started training MasterMind TMS in an entirely remote setting, during Covid, to hundreds of people across the company while also hiring hundreds of people.”

Director of Carrier Operations at MoLo, Haley Winer

MoLo devised a training regimen that trains end users based on their experience level and job function. Training is delivered to users across multiple mediums — MoLo utilizes virtual training classes, breakout sessions, and custom one pagers to introduce new content. The training strategy, established by MoLo, is contingent on the businesses’ readiness for new features to be implemented. MoLo meets with its client engagement team on a weekly basis to review new releases and the impact they will have on an end users’ workflow. If a release is determined to be workflow-changing, a one pager is created and sent to the respective departments. MoLo will then rely on its Champions to push use and awareness of the new feature throughout their department.

Molo’s Champions act as the first point of contact for questions or concerns from organizational stakeholders. Champions help MoLo field the validity of requests and identify areas where retraining is needed. Champions within MoLo ensure new features are trained properly and adopted by users.

“Having someone that the department is already familiar with and comfortable reaching out to helps us to get more feedback than we have in the past!”

Manager Product and Programs at MoLo, Alexandria Calmes

Champions will review new functionality during weekly breakout huddles within their departments. The feedback from users is relayed through Champions to the Mastery project team to create a consistent feedback loop. This consistent feedback creates a nimble approach to training allowing the Mastery and MoLo team to quickly adapt and maximize their training touch points.

The evolution of MoLo’s training reflects a profound shift in adapting to dynamic industry demands. From the traditional classroom setup to a versatile, technology-driven approach, their commitment to empowering employees through innovative training continues to be foundational to their success. MoLo was acquired by ArcBest in 2020 and leaned on their champions to foster a collaborative learning environment across departments and teams during change.

MoLo’s Champions worked cross functionally to train and educate ArcBest users on MasterMind TMS. The bridge of communication built by Champions created a more seamless integration between MoLo and ArcBest’s businesses. By investing in their Champions and emphasizing the importance of communication, MoLo created a culture of adaptability that is integral to their ongoing achievements.

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MoLo, an ArcBest Truckload service, connects shippers with carriers to provide world-class services for complex shipping needs.

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