Streamline Your Logistics Operations With an Integrated CRM

Streamline Your Logistics Operations With an Integrated CRM

MasterMind is a multi-modal cloud-based TMS designed to manage the complexity of enterprise companies running multiple lines of business. MasterMind CRM is built directly into the MasterMind TMS application to maintain and grow customer and carrier relationships. MasterMind CRM is built for logistics professionals by logistics professionals, reducing the need for customizations. Tailored to the transportation industry, MasterMind CRM, streamlines all interactions and account activities into one operational system, for no additional cost.

Unified Transportation Solutions: One System for All Divisions and Users

One Cloud-Based TMS for All Data

MasterMind CRM consolidates all critical information into the TMS, eliminating the need to swivel chair to other applications. An in-application CRM eliminates the need for multiple applications and cuts down employee training times on a separate CRM system. End users will experience one seamless interface to complete all daily activities and operations reducing friction between systems. MasterMind CRM is embedded with all operations for a company including bid management and commitment management. Bids and commitments will be tied and tracked against specific opportunities.

Bids typically include pricing details, transit times, capacity availability, equipment types, duration of the agreement, liability limits, and other conditions. Carriers and brokerages can submit hundreds of bids over multiple rounds for a single shipper or customer at a time. MasterMind’s in application bid manager, MasterBid, is embedded in the application making it easy for users to navigate through bids associated to their opportunities.

Commitments can vary on a lane-by-lane basis making it difficult for organizations to accurately track and report against their commitments. Commitments are a mutually agreed upon volume that can be awarded on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. MasterMind will allow users to view commitments tied to opportunities and their current commitment analytics for that opportunity in one place. The MasterMind CRM will provide a single source of truth for all data and communication.

Creating a CRM Sales Professionals Want to Use

“Out of the box, traditional stand-alone CRM platforms do not cater to the transactional and segmented nature of logistics sales. Consequently, enterprises end up working with expensive CRM vendors or system integrators, who often lack logistics experience. This leads to an over engineered and complicated CRM.” said Mastery Senior Product Owner, Matt Muntzenberger.

According to Forrester Research: 49% of CRM Projects Fail

“Throughout my years as a sales professional I have seen multiple CRM projects fail first hand. At Mastery, we work diligently with our clients to ensure a smooth and successful CRM project. Through experience and collaboration with our industry leading partners, we are designing a CRM sales professionals will actually want to use.”

MasterMind CRM Opportunity Management

Sales transactions in the transportation industry are unique. Multiple opportunities can arise for a single customer or carrier across different divisions with varying cycles and cycle lengths. For example, a carrier or brokerage can bid on multiple lanes for a shipper. Each lane may, or could, require completely different services. One lane may be refrigerated, one lane may be LTL, and another lane could be serviced by Intermodal or Truck. These opportunities may be handled by completely different divisions and employees within the carrier organization. With MasterMind CRM, Opportunity Management allows an enterprise organization  to manage numerous opportunities spread across different divisions for a single customer or carrier. Users will easily be able to segment and track opportunities based on the services required.

Opportunities can be segmented based off mode, division, and size. Each Opportunity will show all interactions, contacts, and documents associated with the opportunity, enabling users to see the sale life cycle at a glance. The advantages of an in application CRM extend to management, who play a crucial role in overseeing sales pipelines. In application CRM dashboards will provide managers with a holistic view of the opportunities in their pipeline and the stages the opportunities are at. This unified approach ensures all relevant information is readily accessible, streamlining decision making and fostering collaboration across teams.

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