Sherie Costa Named Vice Chairman, IANA Operations Committee

Sherie Costa Named Vice Chairman, IANA Operations Committee

In 2021, Sherie Costa joined Mastery Logistics Systems, a leading enterprise software provider for transportation and logistics companies. Sherie has been instrumental in designing and supporting Mastery’s intermodal product offering. Prior to joining Mastery, Sherie began her career at REZ-1, now Blume Global. In January 2024, Sherie was appointed as the Vice Chair of the Operations Committee for IANA (Intermodal Association of North America).

In her new role with IANA, Sherie will help provide guidance to the Committee and the Data Exchange Working Group. She will also be a key advocate for recruiting and mentoring new members to further the mission and vision of IANA.

“IANA, as an organization, is top-notch and a driving force of education and process improvement in the industry! Their events bring together the best people in the game and give you the opportunity to meet and network with individuals that you might not have crossed paths with otherwise.”

Mastery Intermodal Product Owner, Sherie Costa.

Sherie attended her first IANA Expo in 2013 and has been an active participant in IANA EXPOs, as well as IANA Business Meeting Events since that time. 

A Passion Filled Professional Journey

Often described as Mastery’s intermodal cheerleader, Sherie dipped her toes into the intermodal industry and was hooked right away. Sherie started her career at REZ-1 in 2008, where she became the Customer Success and Engagement Manager for all of the Class 1 railroads and some of the top ocean carriers. Sherie worked with the rails to grow their business and ensure the effective use of their platform. When REZ-1 rebranded as Blume Global Sherie took on the role of solutions consultant where she supported the sales team and conducted system demos.

Prior to joining Mastery, Sherie decided to go back to school and obtain a Master’s Degree in Information Design and Strategy from Northwestern University. The degree put an emphasis on UX Design and how information is taught, consumed, and communicated effectively.

About IANA (Intermodal Association of North America)

IANA’s roster of 1000 corporate members includes railroads, ocean carriers, ports, intermodal truckers and over-the-road highway carriers, intermodal marketing and logistic companies, and suppliers to the industry. This roster gives IANA a unique position within the intermodal community, one which is authoritative, holistic and able to affect change that benefits everyone. IANA consistently supports the shared needs, interests, and goals of its diverse members – regardless of mode or function – with business solutions, education, and networking opportunities. 

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