C.A.T. North America Partners with Mastery Logistics Systems

C.A.T. North America Partners with Mastery Logistics Systems

Mastery Logistics Systems is thrilled announced its first Canadian based partner, C.A.T. North America

C.A.T. North America has proudly been serving North America for over 40 years. Over time, C.A.T. has grown organically and through strategic acquisitions. C.A.T. is committed to providing industry-leading Truckload and IMDL services across, Canada, the USA, and Mexico. C.A.T. North America is built on its unwavering commitment to service, innovation, customer experience, and sustainability. Mastery Logistics Systems, established in 2019, empowers enterprises to manage complex transportation needs in an efficient, cohesive, and intelligent way. Mastery’s MasterMind, a multi-modal cloud-based TMS, will play a pivotal role in unifying all of C.A.T.’s divisions. MasterMind will enable C.A.T. to continue to scale while upholding The C.A.T. Experience, which embodies service, quality, and company culture.

The Partnership

C.A.T. North America comprises 9 divisions. Starting with a couple trucks in 1978, C.A.T. has scaled to 1,600 tractors and 4,300 trailers with 27 terminals across North America. C.A.T.’s strategic acquisitions have created a dense network to fulfill its customers supply chain needs. As C.A.T.’s growth and acquisition strategy diversified their service offerings it also created a new set of requirements for their transportation management system. Throughout C.A.T’s growth they sought a long-term TMS partner to handle their evolving needs and signify their dedication to staying at the forefront of transportation management solutions.

“We believe that the MasterMind TMS will revolutionize the way we operate, enabling us to deliver even greater value to our customers while strengthening our position as a leader in the industry. This transition represents a significant milestone for our company, and we are excited to embark on this journey together.”

C.A.T. Co-President, Annie Goyette

Mastery Logistics Systems and C.A.T. North America teams will work together in a phased approach to diligently transition all of C.A.T. North America’s operations into MasterMind. MasterMind will provide a single source of truth for C.A.T. North America by consolidating all divisions, users, and operations into one system.

“We are incredibly excited for the opportunity to work with C.A.T. We have had the privilege of knowing the family and the business for a while, but working with them closely now has been an absolute joy. This partnership will help both of our organizations continue to grow and thrive.” 

Mastery Logistics Systems CEO, Jeff Silver

About C.A.T. North America

C.A.T. North America, founded in 1978, is a premier trucking company servicing all of North America with its nine divisions and over 25 terminals. Our transportation solutions cover a broad range of needs, including intra-Canada, US-Canada cross-border, US domestic, Mexico North and Southbound. With a fleet of 1600 power units and 4300 trailers, as well as a vast network of over 10,000 logistics partners, C.A.T. North America offers customized transportation services tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer. Our commitment to service, safety, innovation, and sustainability has earned us recognition as a best fleet to drive for in 2023 and a best-managed company for seven consecutive years.

To learn more about C.A.T. North America, visit https://cat.ca/

About Mastery Logistics Systems

Mastery Logistics Systems was established in 2019 and is led by founder Jeff Silver, whose previous systems and teams have powered some of the largest logistics companies in North America for over four decades.

Mastery’s MasterMind® TMS is a comprehensive cloud-based SaaS transportation management system, designed to be the World’s First Lovable TMS™. MasterMind® TMS is built for size, stability, speed, and automation, providing unprecedented visibility and control by embracing the complexity that is the reality of the supply chain world.

To learn more about Mastery Logistics Systems, visit https://www.mastery.net/

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